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Featured Users

Siemens AG has licensed two infrastructure components from OpenSubsystems s.r.o., Open Core and Open Patterns, for several of their core products:

  • @vantage Commander - "@vantage Commander by Siemens offers element management and backup restore functionality for a variety of network elements provided by Siemens or by OEM partners. It is a powerful management solution for pre-paid, charging, HLRi, IP Multimedia Subsystem, location based services and other value-add innovations in operators' networks that are running on IT-based platforms."
  • Radio Commander - "The Siemens Radio Commander provides a mature concept for mobile network management by merging operation and maintenance for the different radio technologies of the second and third generation and their enhanced technologies like GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA on one single platform."
  • Switch Commander - "Switch Commander is Siemens'� cutting-edge Operation and Maintenance Centre for mobile core systems; comprising circuit switched domains as well as packet switched domains. Merging operation and maintenance for both 2nd and 3rd generation mobile core systems within one common software platform, the Switch Commander is the unique element manager for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) systems, supporting also the management of IP-based PS domains nodes."

When Starcon International, Inc., a recognized leader in Plant Maintenance and Turnaround Operations, quickly needed a new software and hardware solution enabling them to more effectively manage their tools and capital equipment assets at remote locations, their system integrator turned to OpenSubsystems s.r.o. to deliver the solution in record time. Utilizing licensed Open Core, Open Patterns, Open Security and Open Inventory subsystems, the system integrator created fully functional prototype of the inventory tracking system within 8 weeks. In 6 months the full production system was deployed in mobile warehouses domestically and internationally. The system enables personnel to order, issue and track inventory using intuitive user interface either directly in the trailers equipped with touchscreens as well as in the field using rugged PDAs wirelessly connecting to the trailers running system built using OpenSubsystems.

If you are using OpenSubsystems in your products and you have not yet licensed our subsystems, please let us know and you can be featured on this page as well.


Goal of OpenSubsystems is to provide consistent set of business components for Java applications that solve particular area of interest such as security, search, inventory management, order processing, shopping, email and fax communication, document management, imaging and others. The available subsystems are fully functional business components that are immediately available to be integrated into your application, solve specific business needs and what is the most important, decrease your development time and expenses and increase the quality of your solutions.

OpenSubsystems is using open-source friendly dual licensing model similar to companies such as MySQL, Trolltech or Sleepycat. All the subsystems are available under two licenses: OSI approved GNU General Public License (GPL) and OpenSubsystems commercial license. If you are developing and/or distributing application to which source code is not available and is not licensed under applicable open source license that is based on or includes OpenSubsystems software, you are required to obtain commercial license. With the commercial license you will also get direct and timely technical support helping you to resolve any issues you may encounter while developing your solutions using OpenSubsystems. Find out more about OpenSubsystems licensing.


Our proven approach to software development allows us to deliver software on time and within your budget. If you are considering development of a custom Java applications and are considering using our architecture and our subsystems we can help you in the areas of:

  • Assessment of your current business processes
  • Analysis of your needs and development of business requirements
  • Design of your custom applications
  • Design and development of custom subsystems to be used within your applications
  • Implementation and testing of entire applications including customization of our subsystems for express delivery of your solution

We can help you determine how to best utilize our ready to use subsystems or provide some of the subsystems from our repository, which were not yet released (but we are in the process of releasing) to open source. If the existing subsystems do not satify your needs we can develop or assist with development of custom subsystems based on your specification. We guarantee that these subsystems will easily integrate with the ones already available. We offer training for your development team in our architecture, technologies and subsystems to bring them quickly up to speed with the OpenSubsystems platform and significantly decrease time to deliver your solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.