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Eclipse setup

The easiest way how to configure Eclipse for development of OpenSubsystems is to import the default settings from the file included in the OpenSubsystems repository. This will help you to address some of the errors you will encounter after you first time try to compile OpenSubsystems source code.

Errors caused by use of keyword assert

Go to Window menu and select item Preferences. This will open dialog where you can configure every aspect of Eclipse development environment. Click Import button at the bottom of the dialog and browse to the directory C:\Development\OpenSubsystems\sources\config. There you will find file eclipse_preferences.epf. Select the file and click Open. You may receive warning dialog if you are using different version of Eclipse than the one that saved the file. Just confirm the dialog and let Eclipse import the preferences.

Import default preferences to configure Eclipse

Fixing bugs

Unfortunately known bug #80804 prevents Eclipse from fixing the 'assert' problem automatically. Even though the problem was fixed by changing preferences Eclipse doesn't automatically rebuild the project and therefore doesn't remove the error markers.

Go to Project menu and select Clean... menu item. You can either clean all projects or just OpenSubsystems project. As soon as you confirm the dialog using OK button, Eclipse will remove all generated files. If the menu item Build Automatically... in Project menu is checked, Eclipse will automatically rebuild the project, otherwise just go to Project menu again and select either Build All or Build Project menu item.

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