Test for 'emptypage' layout

There is not much to see, if you look at the source it should be just the most basic HTML page with this text in the body. The page should scroll verticaly but not horizontaly within the whole window if it is smaller than the content. At the bottom of the window when you scroll to the end you should see text 'This is the last line'. The fonts should look nice and content should be centered signaling that the CSS style was applied.

This page should fully validate using W3C HTML and CSS validator.

The following snippet shows you how easy it is to create HTML page using the empty page layout.

   You start with specifying that you are going to use emptypage layout
   <%@ taglib uri="/tiles" prefix="tiles" %>
   <tiles:insert page="/core/jsp/layout/emptypage.jsp" flush="true">
      You specify the title of the page
      <tiles:put name="pagetitle" value="Empty Page Test title"/>
      Optionally you specify content of the head section
      <tiles:put name="head" direct="true">
      Optionally you specify any attributes of the body tag
      <tiles:put name="bodyattribs" direct="true">
      And the most important part is you specify the content you want to
      display at the page. The layout will take care of the rest.
      <tiles:put name="content" direct="true">
         Put your content here
This is the last line