Interface DataController

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BasicDataController, ModifiableDataController
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BasicDataControllerImpl, DataControllerImpl, ModifiableDataControllerImpl

public interface DataController
extends StatelessController

Base interface for all controllers managing data objects. The primary purpose of data controller is to implement additional functionality on top of the persistence layer such as security checks, logging, etc. Every data object has to be accessible somehow to be available to the presentation tier and controller, which makes data object accessible should implement this interface.

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Miro Halas
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Method Summary
 DataObject get(int iId)
          Get data object knowing just the unique id.
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Method Detail


DataObject get(int iId)
               throws OSSException,
Get data object knowing just the unique id. This method will succeed only if the data object identified by specified id exists in the current domain, which is a domain identified by CallContext.getInstance().getCurrentDomainId(). If the object doesn't exist in the current domain, this method should throw an exception and shouldn't retrieve anything. If the client needs to retrieve data object in a different domain than the current one, it needs to provide for it its' own specific interface.

iId - - ID of the data object to retrieve
DataObject - retrieved data object, null if the data object doesn't exists or if user doesn't have access to that data object granted
OSSException - - an error has occured
java.rmi.RemoteException - - required since this method can be called remotely

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