Class ModifiableDataControllerImpl

  extended by org.opensubsystems.core.logic.impl.StatelessControllerImpl
      extended by org.opensubsystems.core.logic.impl.DataControllerImpl
          extended by org.opensubsystems.core.logic.impl.BasicDataControllerImpl
              extended by org.opensubsystems.core.logic.impl.ModifiableDataControllerImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:, javax.ejb.EnterpriseBean, javax.ejb.SessionBean, BasicDataController, DataController, ModifiableDataController, StatelessController

public abstract class ModifiableDataControllerImpl
extends BasicDataControllerImpl
implements ModifiableDataController

Implementation of ModifiableDataController interface to manage data. It can be used by any component which provides ModifiableDataFactory to access the data. If this class is used in J2EE environment each method implementation may create transaction boundary. We do not want to generate EJB for this class since it is abstract base class for real EJBs

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generate="false" We need to generate interface since xdoclet will require them for interfaces derived from BasicDataController. Since remote and local interfaces have to extend different ejb interfaces and we have only one base interface, the extends tags have to except our controller contain also the interfaces required by the spec
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local-extends="javax.ejb.EJBLocalObject, org.opensubsystems.core.logic.ModifiableDataController" extends="javax.ejb.EJBObject, org.opensubsystems.core.logic.ModifiableDataController"

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 ModifiableDataObject save(ModifiableDataObject data)
          Save data object.
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Constructor Detail


public ModifiableDataControllerImpl()
Method Detail


public ModifiableDataObject save(ModifiableDataObject data)
                          throws OSSException
Save data object.

Specified by:
save in interface ModifiableDataController
data - - data object to save
ModifiableDataObject - saved data object, null if user doesn't have access to that data object granted
OSSException - - an error has occured
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