Interface DatabaseFactory

All Known Subinterfaces:
BasicDatabaseFactory, ModifiableDatabaseFactory
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public interface DatabaseFactory

This interface should be implemented by all data object factories, which support basic operations with data objects persisted in the database.

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Miro Halas
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Method Summary
 DataObject load(java.sql.ResultSet rsQueryResults, int initialIndex)
          Load full DataObject from the result set.

Method Detail


DataObject load(java.sql.ResultSet rsQueryResults,
                int initialIndex)
                throws OSSDatabaseAccessException
Load full DataObject from the result set. It is used when all attributes of the data objects should be loaded as efficiently as possible. Every data has to be loaded otherwise we couldn't test the existence data therefore this method is commong to all the database factories

rsQueryResults - - ResultSet retrieved from the database
initialIndex - - initial column index in the result set to retrieve, by default this is 1. This allows to include columns for this database factory mixed with columns for other database factories and the load them efficiently.
DataObject - with specific columns set
OSSDatabaseAccessException - - error during ResultSet parsing

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