Package org.opensubsystems.core.www

Interface Summary
SessionValidator This interface should be implemented by class which can validate session information.
WebCommonConstants Definition of common constants for WWW used throughout the application.
WebModule Interface representing web module which is a module of an application, which has distinct section in a web user interface and can be switched to and from.

Class Summary
BlockElementTag Custom tag to generate all HTML code necessary to display block element (DIV or SPAN), for which we can set id and style and the ID is remembered so that child containers can access it and use it to generate compound IDs.
DatabaseContextListener DatabaseContextListener is responsible for initialization of database access layer for the web application.
IdListTag Custom tag to construct string of ids of collection of data objects presented in a request separated by ','.
MessageListTag Custom tag to generate JavaScript array with list of messages, which should be displayed on the UI.
MessageTag Custom tag to display messages defined using call to CallContext.getInstance().getMessages().addXYZ() on the UI processed using servlet derived from WebUIServlet.
PageElementCacheTag Custom tag providing ability to cache elements of the page usually from custom tags and then display them at later point when requested.
StringLimitTag Custom tag to intelligently limit the length of a text to certain length.
TagUtils This class is a collection of useful methods when working with custom JSP tags.
WebModuleDefinitionManager This manager is used for collecting all web client modules that are available in the system.
WebModuleInitTag Custom tag to initialize the web module rendering.
WebModuleListener WebModuleListener is responsible for initialization of web modules available in the system.
WebModuleTag Custom tag to render visual representation of a web module in the page.
WebSessionServlet Base class for all servlets developed as part of this project.
WebSessionUtils Collection of useful methods to work with sessions objects.
WebUIDispatchServlet This is a simple servlet which doesn't do anything else but redirects the request to specified JSP page or some other destination.
WebUIServlet Base class for all servlets developed as part of this project, which perform web form processing or execute an action based on request from the user interface.
WebUtils Collection of useful methods for Web environment.

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