Open Patterns Dialog Layout
Tag contexthelp

Custom tag to generate all HTML required to display context help for a control. You can use the HelpLabelTag to display this context help when user clicks on the label. It is expected that this tag will be placed in the dialog row or column of a dialog row immediately following the control it belongs to. The context help will be by default displayed at the row boundary (in case the row is split into left and right half) and not at the field boundary.

<dialog:contexthelp title="? First name"> First name of the user. </dialog:contexthelp>

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.opensubsystems.patterns.dialoglayout.www.ContextHelpTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

idfalsetruejava.lang.StringId of the context help to construct. This has to be the same id as is the id of the label and the control associated with this context help. The easiest way is to do not specify the id for individual elements of the dialog row and instead specify id of the dialog row or a column of a dialog row that contains these elements.
titletruetruejava.lang.StringContext help title.
directfalsetruejava.lang.StringFlag that specifies if the context help is written directly to the page at the location where the tag is placed in the page or if the custom tag can move it to a different place in the structure of the page. Default value is false (content can be moved to a different place in the structure of the page).

No Variables Defined.

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