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Custom tag to generate all HTML code necessary to display dynamic list control that allows to type an item and then add it to the list, edit the items already in the list and reorder the items in the list. The first row will display edit field + optional checkbox + Add button. Below it will be displayed multiselect list with buttons Remove, Up and Down. The initial content of the list will be specified in the page using standard options tags. The values of the option tags can contain optional id that is different from the displayed text and an optional order number of the item. If the id and order number are specified, they must be specified in the value parameter of the options tag in the following format: id:order.

<dialog:dynamiclist buffername="DYNAMIC_LIST_5" focus="true" size="7" listlabel="Changed label for list of added items" check="true" checklabel="Correct" checkidentifier="@"> <option value="id1:order1">added item 1</option> <option value="id1:order1">added item 2</option> <option value="id1:order1">added item 3</option> </dialog:dynamiclist>

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.opensubsystems.patterns.dialoglayout.www.DynamicListTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

idfalsetruejava.lang.StringId of the dynamic list control to construct. This has to be the same id as is the id of the label and the context help associated with this control. The easiest way is to do not specify the id for individual elements of the dialog row and instead specify id of the dialog row or a column of a dialog row that contains these elements.
buffernamefalsetruejava.lang.StringName of the input hidden parameter that stores data to submit to the server. The variable will be populated by the custom tag and will contain all data the control contains when the form is submitted to the server. The data are have following format: item_id_1;order_number_1:encode(item_text_1)#...#item_id_N;order_number_N:encode(item_text_N)
removednamefalsetruejava.lang.StringName of the input hidden parameter that stores data to submit to the server.
changednamefalsetruejava.lang.StringName of the input hidden parameter that stores data to submit to the server.
focusfalsetruejava.lang.StringDoes the edit field of the dynamic list control have focus when it is displayed on the page or not. Only one control on a page or tab can be marked as focus at a time. If multiple controls are marked this way, then the first one on the page or tab will get the focus. If this control have focus when it is displayed on the page this value should be true or 1.
disabledfalsetruejava.lang.StringFlag specifying if the dynamic list control is initially disabled therefore preventing user to enter or modify value it contains.
sizefalsetruejava.lang.StringSize of the select list specifying how many items are visible at once.
listlabelfalsetruejava.lang.StringLabel displayed above the list of existing (added) items.
checkfalsetruejava.lang.StringFlag specifying if there will be checkbox following the edit field control in the first row.
checklabelfalsetruejava.lang.StringLabel displayed in front of the checkbox control in the first row.
checkidentifierfalsetruejava.lang.StringString that will appended to the string in the edit field if the checkbox was checked when the Add button was pressed. This identifier will be visible within the multi select control below as part of the added item.

No Variables Defined.

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