Open Patterns List Data
Tag init

Custom tag to initialize the web page to correctly render scrollable tables. This needs to be the first tag of all list data tags and should be placed in the page before the html tag. The <core:pagecache id="xyz"/> in emptypage.jsp layout will take the elements put into cache by this tag and place them at a correct location.


Tag Information
Tag Classorg.opensubsystems.patterns.listdata.www.ListDataInitTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body Contentempty
Display NameNone

dataAliasfalsetruejava.lang.StringName of the attribute under which the page is expecting the data published from the ListBrowserServlet. ListBrowserServlet always publishes its data using PARAMETER_DATA_OBJECT_LIST_NAME name. By specifying this alias this tag will automatically create attribute with the desirect name and the value of the attribute will be the data published under PARAMETER_DATA_OBJECT_LIST_NAME or it will create attribute with the name PARAMETER_DATA_OBJECT_LIST_NAME and the value of the attribute will be the data published under the specified alias.

No Variables Defined.

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