Open Patterns Tabbed Dialog
Tag helptab

Custom tag to generate all HTML code necessary to display one tab of the tabbed dialog, which is displayed, when user clicks on the help button associated with the tabbed dialog. This tab doesn't have any tab heading so it is not visible by default.

<tab:helptab id="help" header="? Context help title" onhelpclose="window.alert('help closed');"> Help to display to the user about this dialog </tab:helptab>

Tag Information
Tag Classorg.opensubsystems.patterns.tabbeddialog.www.TabbedDialogHelpTabTag
TagExtraInfo ClassNone
Body ContentJSP
Display NameNone

idtruetruejava.lang.StringId of a single generated tab inside of tab dialog. It will be assigned to the block element container generated by this tag that will contain all the other elements.
cssclassfalsetruejava.lang.StringCSS class for the tab generated by this tag.
headerfalsetruejava.lang.StringUser visible text to display when the help is displayed.
onhelpclosefalsetruejava.lang.StringJavaScript code to execute when the help is closed.

No Variables Defined.

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