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Daily Costs to Visit Seville, Spain | City Price Guide

The daily travel costs to visit Seville. Tips for estimating your budget for food, hostels, hotels, attractions, alcohol, and more.


Despite its popularity, Seville can be a relatively affordable place to visit and it’s generally slightly cheaper than Barcelona or Madrid.

In this Seville travel price guide, I’ve outlined how much it costs to visit Seville — including typical prices for food, accommodation, attractions, alcohol, and other common expenses to help you budget your trip to Seville.

This article is part of our Europe Travel Price Guide Series — Click here to see all our city price guides.

Average Daily Travel Costs To Visit Seville

Despite its relatively small size, Seville is one of the most popular cities in Europe and it caters to travelers of any budget — from frugal backpackers to high-end travelers. And while Seville is more expensive than other cities in the region, Seville is less expensive than Madrid and Barcelona.

For a typical traveler, you should budget about €60/day if you’re staying in hostels and it costs around €140/day to visit Seville if you’re staying in budget-friendly hotels.


I consider Standard Travel to be middle-of-the-road travel where you’ll mainly eat in typical restaurants, enjoy a few drinks, snacks, and desserts, stay in comfortable yet average hotels/rental apartments, and you’ll visit most of the tourist attractions. You won’t go crazy with your spending but you also won’t feel like you’re missing out on experiences.

  • Attractions: €14 (one paid attraction + any free sights)
  • Food: €37
    • Breakfast: €5
    • Lunch: €10
    • Dinner: €18
    • Treat (dessert/beer/wine): €4
  • Transportation: €0
  • Accommodation (Budget-friendly Hotel): €90


Budget Travelers can expect to stick to budget-friendly restaurants, you might enjoy a few cheap drinks, you’ll mainly stay in hostels, and you’ll limit your touristy activities.

  • Attractions: €10 (one paid attraction + any free sights)
  • Food: €26
    • Breakfast: €3.5
    • Lunch: €6.5
    • Dinner: €14
    • Treat (dessert/beer/wine): €2
  • Transportation: €0
  • Accommodation (Hostel): €25


Frugal Travel is all about trying to save money where possible and doing things a cheaply as you can. You’ll go out of your way to find a deal, you’ll eat at cheap restaurants to fix your own meals. You will also stay in the cheapest hostels to save money on accommodation.

  • Attractions: €5 (free walking tour + visit one of the free sights)
  • Food: €15
    • Breakfast: €0 (free hostel breakfast)
    • Lunch: €4.5 (street food or takeaway shop fare)
    • Dinner: €8.5 (make your own meal in the hostel or grab something cheap)
    • Beer: €1.5 (chill out at the park and have a cold one)
  • Transportation: €0 (walk)
  • Accommodation (Cheap Hostel): €18

Seville Food and Drink Prices

Since this beautiful city is such a tourist hotspot, Seville’s food prices are higher in the city center but prices aren’t unreasonable — on average, food prices in Seville are about the same or slightly cheaper than Barcelona and Madrid. However, the Triana neighborhood (Seville’s historically working-class neighborhood) is still filled with many family-run tapas bars and restaurants that serve quality food at a fair price.

The quickly gentrifying Macarena neighborhood also caters to student budgets.


  • A typical breakfast that a local would eat in Seville consist of coffee and/or orange juice that’s accompanied by toast topped with butter and jelly. Toast topped with olive oil, tomato and ham is also very popular. A typical toast + topping is around €2.50-€4.
  • It’s also common to see yogurt bowls with muesli & fruit, and smoothies for breakfast. Prices range from €3-€7. 
  • If you want to indulge, churros and thick hot chocolate is another popular breakfast option. You’ll pay around €4 for the combo.
  • Coffee will cost you around €1.20-€3.5 depending on what you get.


Many locals get their simple and quick breakfast at a cafe or at a typical tapas bar. Below are a few local favorites:

  • Dulcería Manu Jara: Excellent pastries.
  • PANYPIU: Popular and budget-friendly spot for breakfast sandwiches and pastries.
  • Confitería La Campana: Elegant pastry shop that’s been around since 1885. Touristy but still tasty.
  • Almazen café: Popular cafe with affordable traditional breakfast options.
  • COCOME: Quaint make-your-own breakfast cafe with yogurt & granola bowls, smoothes, and local dishes.
  • Cafe Otto: Budget-friendly spot with a range of breakfast options.


  • A typical fast food combo meal costs around €7.
  • A standard tapa will typically cost around €2.50-€4 so a few tapas work for a light lunch.
  • An average budget main dish in a cafe will be €9-€14.
  • A typical doner kebab will cost €4-€5.
  • A pizza for two people costs €6-€10 you can find single slices for around €2.
  • You can get a quality traditional meal in a classic restaurant for around €16-€20.
  • A quality budget-friendly dinner will run you about €12-€18.
  • A meal of 5-6 different tapas will cost around €15-€24
  • You can also order larger portions of tapas called Media raciones (half plates) and Raciones (full plates).


Seville has plenty of excellent restaurant options for lunch and dinner. Here is a list of a few local favorites:

  • Casa Morales: An amazing old-school tavern that has been in the same family since 1850! It’s recommended to stick with beer/wine and simple food like cured meats and cheese.
  • Bodeguita Romero: A traditional tapas bar known for its carrillada (stewed pork cheek) and the pringa sandwich (which looks similar to a pulled pork sandwich).
  • Las Golondrinas: Order the Punta de Solomillo (marinated and grilled pork tenderloin served on a slice of bread and with potato chips on the side). Seriously, this might have been the best thing I ate in Spain.
  • Bodega Mateo Ruiz: Local favorite family-run tapas bar that’s known for having the best fried bacalao (fried cod) and cheap wine.
  • Bodegas Santa Cruz: A local-favorite bar that serves up delicious, authentic tapas at solid prices. It’s always busy with locals and in-the-know tourists so you might have to fight for a spot (but it’s worth it).
  • El Rinconcillo: This is the epitome of a classic tapas bar — in fact, it’s the oldest tavern in Spain (open since 1670). Ok, the food might not be the greatest but come here for the atmosphere.
  • Los Coloniales: Bustling local favorite tapas bar with laid back vibes and affordable prices. This place does fill up but it’s worth the wait.
  • Mercado Lonja del Barranco: This upscale market is built inside a cool 19th-century iron building designed by Gustave Eiffel and is filled now with food stalls serving up everything from tapas to beer. It is a little expensive but it’s a good place to sample multiple types of food.


  • A small beer (called a caña) typically costs about 1-1.40.
  • Vermut (vermouth) is a local favorite that’s served as an early afternoon drink or a starter to tapas. Expect to pay around 1.40 for a glass.
  • Coffee prices range from about 1.20 for espresso to 4+ for a more complex coffee drink.
  • Bar El Comercio: This is the place to get the best churros and hot chocolate in Seville. They also serve an excellent house vermut. If nothing else, it’s fun to hang out in a bar that’s been open for well over 100 years.

Seville Hostel and Hotel Prices

Best Hostels in Seville

Seville’s accommodation prices change greatly depending on the season. Prices are highest in the spring and fall because Seville’s summers can get very hot so there are fewer visitors.

Seville also has two popular festivals in the spring which bring in a lot of visitors so avoid these times if you’re on a budget since hotel prices can be 2x-4x higher than normal:

  • Semana Santa (around March 24th to April 2nd)
  • Feria de Abril de Sevilla (aroundApril 14th – 23rd)

Seville Hotel Prices

Seville has plenty of hotels to choose from at multiple price points. According to, here are typical hotel prices:

  • Quality, budget-friendly hotels cost around €70-€100/night
  • Nice mid-level hotels are typically around €100-€155/night
  • Higher end, but non-super lux, hotels typically costs around €170-€215/night

Seville Hostel Prices

Seville has a surprisingly large amount of very well-rated hostels that are reasonably priced. In the summer, hostel beds range from €20-€30/night (prices via Hostelworld). 

Here’s a list of the best-rated hostels in Seville:

Check out my guide to the best hostels in Seville for more tips on scoring the best hostel.


Sightseeing in Seville is relatively cheap so the base price for most sighs is around 10.

  • Alcázar Royal Palace: €14.50 but add extra for a guided tour.
  • Seville Cathedral: €5-10+
  • Metropol Parasol: €5(day)-€10(night)
  • Flamenco Shows: Tickets range from around €20 up to €70+ depening on if you get drinks and food with the show.

Check out my Seville Travel Guide for more travel advice and money-saving tips.

Seville Transportation Prices

Seville is compact so the best way to get around is on foot — Seville’s old town center is compact so you’ll rarely walk more than 25-minutes to get somewhere. However, there is a city bus and tram that cost €1.40 per trip — here’s a good overview of Seville’s tram and bus

You absolutely don’t want a car in Seville — the streets are tiny and there is essentially no parking.

There is also a city-wide bike-sharing service called Sevici if you want to explore on two wheels (but you’ll still have to dodge taxis and people).

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